Weed Grinder

Best Weed Grinder of 2015

Weed grinders can be a divisive topic. Some argue that the trichomes are broken off in the process resulting in a less potent smoke. Others will say the difference really isn’t noticeable. And that having a smoother, more even burning by-product more than makes up for that difference. If you’re vaping or rolling your bud, […]

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Why is Some Weed Purple?

Over the past decade or so purple weed has grown to become highly sought after due to well…being purple. What causes weed to turn this color? Is purple weed any better? Read on. What Causes Weed to Turn Purple? Exotic colored Marijuana gets it’s color partly from genetics. But mostly the color is an effect […]

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Top 5 Stoner Comedies of All Time

Watching movies while high might be one of the best ways to relax. Getting lost in the story or the characters themselves, can either act as an escape from a long day or help perk you back up when the world turns a little grey. Below is a list of 5 movies, we believe every […]

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Does Weed Go Bad?

If you’ve ever decided to take a tolerance break or had to hold off on smoking in order to get a new job, you might have already asked yourself this question. The short answer is – Yes! Marijuana just like any other organic material can and will “go bad” over time. The good news is […]

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